CGT also announced that noted French designer Jules Allard would decorate the four ships. // ]]> jody, 42. However, it did appear that Captain Deloncle and fifteen of eighteen officers had remained at their posts and had gone down with the French vessel. Seeking passenger list of SS La Bourgogne arriving in New York Joseph Faltin Oct 4, 2020 7:01 PM I am looking for a passenger list for the April 1, 1895 arrival of the SS La Bourgogne in New York. Today, I was roaming an old church cemetery in New Jersey and I found a headstone in the memory of Cornelia Demarest ~ Lost at sea with her husband on S.S. La Bourgogne on July 4th, 1898. SS La Bourgogne was a French ocean liner, which sank in a collision July 1898, with the loss of 549 lives. Subsequently, it appeared, the whole matter was white-washed, and responsibility for the alleged brutality was attributed to a dozen or so foreign sailors who had been traveling on the French ship in steerage. Two days later she steamed at full speed despite the fog she enveloped the Grand Bank. Michael, 29. maureen, 17. Very fascinating, as I had never heard of this wreckage. On 4 July 1898 she was sunk in collision in dense fog with the British sailing ship Cromartyshire off Sable Island. My family's legend is that an uncle ?? Her maiden voyage from Le Havre, France to New York City was in 1886. please email me the link [email protected] I have been studying this wreck for years. For one thing, only one woman of about three hundred female passengers had survived the calamity; moreover, the only ones saved were steerage passengers and sailors. Patricia Pinner, 36. Moreover, the brick Fernand Marguerite wrecked next year 1999 in St-Pierre et Miquelon,not far from the location of the collision. French ship Bourgogne (1767), a 74-gun ship of the line of the French Navy French ship Duc de Bourgogne (1752), an 80-gun ship of the line of the French Navy SS La Bourgogne, a French ocean liner, which sank in 1898; French submarine Casabianca (S603), formerly the Bourgogne Charles never returned to Syria for a bride. 1861 France to Boston MA stampless Les etats-Unis handstamp [5246.185] $99.99. Based on the date it sunk and the port of departure I quickly found that only one ship met the criteria, the La Bourgogne. Listing Includes Date Voyage Began, Steamship Line, Vessel, Passenger Class and Route. It was known for its speed — it could cross the Atlantic in just over seven days and averaged 17 knots — quite fast for its time. Craig Rosenthal, 27. The liner was operated by the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique and was part of the French Naval Reserve. Bishop Littlejohn, of Long Island, was a fellow passenger. I suspect my great-great grandfather may have died in this sinking. I have a copy of my Great Grandfather's "Copy of Statement" of the incident, dated July 11, 1898. You can read Mrs. La Casse's account of the sinking of the LaBourgogne in a book titled "Sinking of the Titanic,`Eyewitness Accounts"..pages 171-176, I'd like to correct a statement on my June 10th statement #23. God rest all their souls......... My great great great uncle was Father Kesseler who went down with this ship. The passengers lost everything they had on board luggage, money and property; a diamonds merchant lost more than $10.000 and other rich passengers going to Paris for purchasing good or for pleasure. Switzerland lies to the east. I commend all of you on the research you're doing, and your interest in the stories of the Past ! Her name was Grace Marshall and they were going to Europe to meet family and inlaws. Possibly like the Titanic !Any candidate for salvage ? _uacct = "UA-1877522-1"; Benedict ManovillSonz, 11. He immigrated to the United States sometime in the mid 1890s, from Mt. It is mounted in black wooden frame. If you have any info you would like to share, please drop me a note at [email protected] Jennifer, 43. [1] She was a 7,395 gross ton vessel, 494.4 feet (150.7 m) long and with a beam of 52.2 feet (15.9 m). De La Casse, the only woman saved, as pointed out by Patricia Pinner above, attended the funeral of Father Kesseler in New York, and later wrote a beautiful and lengthy account of the tragedy which was published. Has any one seen that name on the list of passengers lost at see ? He left a wife and 3 young children behind. The wrestler's name from Turkey is Ismail Yousouf and yes he toured the US fighting everyone who would fight and beat them all! The loss of the French liner La Bourgogne in 1898 was one of the most disgraceful of such disasters, the final death-toll being in no small measure due to the behaviour of a crew whose motto appears to have been “Women and Children Last”. There was accommodation for 390 first class passengers, 65 second class and 600 third class passengers. The outcome of the disaster was considered a disgrace to the officers of the ship, her owners and the French merchant marine in general. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); The Right Rev. In summer 1898 he embarked on the French steamship SS La Bourgogne to travel to Ireland to see his parents' relatives. My Great Great Grandfather Oscar Dandoy emigrated to America on La Bourgogne, arriving in New York on August 28, 1893. It is bordered by the regions of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, Centre, Ile-de-France, and Grand Est. The four masted steamship La Bourgogne was launched in 1885, the second of four large steamships commissioned by Compagnie Générale Transatlantique. ", Thank you Victor for your interesting comment. [CDATA[ Surviving crew members required police protection upon their arrival in New York.[4]. She would go on to found schools, hospitals, orphanages and of course become the first American saint. He was a tailor who lived in Philadelphia with a young family. Kül Tegin, 40. The French government indicated an inquiry and possibly a trial would be held in France. Michael O'Neill, 33. I have been doing alot of research on this incident and his history. Mr. Brown/Herr Braun ?? At the time this sinking was infamous, because only 13% of the passengers survived, while 48% of the crew did. Stepan Der Stepanian, his wife and three children,[3] and three members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Bourgogne — French promo premium Tier X battleship.. A battleship design developed in France in response to construction of the German "H"-class battleships. SS La Bourgogne era un francés trasatlántico , que se hundió en 1898, con la pérdida de 549 vidas. In his memoryI would be glad to send a copy to anyone interested. Francis Garrett, 5. The similarly sized steamers, La Champagne, La Bourgogne, La Bretagne, and La Gascogne, were built under a French government subsidy law that provided that the ships could be taken over in a time of war. Great input Linda ! I found it in a garret, in the house of my grand-father, who was the captain of several sail ships of french merchant marine, in the years 1897-1905. Launched in 1885 the La Bourgogne was a French ocean liner that traveled between Le Havre, France, and New York City. SS La Bourgogne Go to: SS La Bourgogne The ill fated La Bourgogne illustrated in this colorized photograph from 1895. Charles said that there were about 70 Assyrians aboard and that only 8 survived the disaster. Victor C. Ernst, 3. I would suggest e mailing the Sable Island Ship Wreck Society...I think that is what it is called but not sure. I am putting together family history info on the Aldige's. American editorial comment at the time of the disaster decried the continuing peril of ships colliding in fog on the ocean. Terry Good, 16. })(); She was a 7,395 gross ton vessel, 494.4 feet (150.7 m) long and with a beam of 52.2 feet (15.9 m). Looking for descendants of passengers/crew? SS La Bourgogne Famous Travelers During 1889 EDISON, the celebrated electrician, was the social lion among the passengers on La Bourgogne, of the French Line, hence for Havre recently, and may have mentally called out for deliverance from his friends. The capital is Dijon. Onur Evren, 12. Looking for descendants of passengers/crew? urchinTracker(); On July 3, 1898, at the height of the Spanish-American War, La Bourgogne left New York City for what would be the last time. The vessel had been constructed in Toulon in 1886 for $ 1.6 million; it grossed at 7.395 tons and was 480 feet long. Various newspapers, including Los Angeles Herald; El Paso Daily Herald (Texas); St. Paul Globe (Minnesota); Daily Capital Journal, (Oregon); Topeka State Journal (Kansas) and Madison Daily Leader (South Dakota) reported the following (or versions of it): " A dispatch to the New York World from Halifax, N.S., says: Undertaker John Snow, who accompanied the steamer Hiawatha on her mission in search of bodies of victims of the La Bourgogne disaster, stated to The World correspondent that some of the bodies found showed evidence of having been alive in the water for two days at least, and that the body of one woman showed that she must have lived four days after the sinking of the ship. Captain Deloncle and his officers were powerless to control the disorderly elements. She had left behind my great grandfather Jacob Aigeldinger while she went back to France to settle her business affairs. In dense fog, she kept blowing her foghorn every minute. She was built in 1885 by Société Nouvelle des Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée, La Seyne-sur-Mer for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (French Line). Any ideas how to get a list of those who died? Treasures, 10. was on board the SS La Bourgoyne (La Bourgogne) and went down with the ship when it sank on 4 July 1898. He also intended to visit his parents in Ireland. (function() { SS La Bourgogne was a French ocean liner. I am in the process of writing a historical fiction book on this particular ship wreak and am in need of information and names of actual people for my characters. La Bourgogne, C.G.T - Compagnie Générale Transatlantique (French Line) steamship, history and description, built 1885 There are newspaper reports with quotes from him in them. The Cromartyshire then jettisoned thirty tons of her cargo to lighten the ship, and took the survivors from the French vessel aboard. The French line does not register the addresses of Its passengers: Mrs. M. Arrouot, Rev. Mark Durham, 4. La Bretagne as she appeared c. 1890–1895 shipping: + $3.00 shipping . Although herself a Protestant her praise of Father Kesseler, as well as many other details are worth reading. Linda, 2. The French passenger liner La Bourgogne had sailed from New York on July 2nd, bound to Le Havre, France, carrying 725 people and 1.000 tons of cargo valued at $ 600.000, and 170 bags of mail. He was taking his fiance home to meet his family. Google+, © 2007-2020 oceantreasures.orgAll Rights Reserved. Lebanon, which at that time was part of Syria and is today Lebanon. julien comeau feb 21 2010, 13. Mr herself a {s. A. My great uncle Peter Barrett originally from Tyrone N.Ireland, died in this wreck. The Bourgogne was the ship that brought Mother Cabrini to New York in 1889 when she first came to America. Craig Rosenthal. Has anyone actually attempted to salvage this wreck? Such a sad story. They didn't remember the rest of what she told them because they were young and they weren't that interested. Details relating to the disaster and the ship involved were later reconstructed. She was a sleek looking ocean liner with … Ship construction utilizing systems of watertight compartments should be such as to insure that stricken vessel could remain afloat long enough to allow passengers and crew to escape to safety quickly. All were taken aboard the Cromartyshire, and it was learned that La Bourgogne had gone to the bottom about forty minutes after the collision. The Cromartyshire, a full rigged three-masted iron ship of 1.462 tons, sailed from Dunkirk for Philadelphia on June 8th, 1898, with a cargo of coal. Patricia Pinner, 32. I see #23 Arnet Taylor is also a relative of this fine man. I have been studying this wreck for years. $149.99. Free shipping . // ]]> One of my relatives died with his wife, two daughters and a maid. My mother's father(my grandfather-whom I never met since he died in 1958 and I was born in 1962) was 9 at the time of his father's death. La Bourgogne SS (+1898) long comment: CROMARTYSHIRE bow damage after the deadly collision with the French ocean liner LA BOURGOGNE, 4th July 1898. Common sense dictated that ships under conditions of reduced visibility should proceed with infinite care and at greatly decreased speeds. She was a 7,395 gross ton vessel, length 494.4ft x beam 52.2ft, two funnels, four masts, iron and steel construction, single screw and a speed of 17 knots. my great, great, great grandfather was a passenger on this ship, does anyone know where I can find the passenger list/ships manifest of passengers? The LA BOURGOGNE was built in 1885 by Forges & Chantiers de la Mediteranee, La Seyne for the Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (French Line). Disaster struck on July 4, 1898 when La Bourgogne collided with the British sailing ship Cromartyshire and sunk within minutes off the coast of Nova Scotia. My relatives talked about their uncle having survived a ship collision on July 4th on his way to Beirut Syria to find a wife but that's all they knew other than the ship sunk on the 4th of July around 1900. Benjamin Langford, 19. The SS La Bourgogne sailed from New York on 2 July, 1898.Her destination was Harve, France. He was the captain of the brick Fernand Marguerite on 9/08/1898, which used to sail from Europe to New Found Land, since this date and his name as captain, are written in a painting of this ship. Eddie, 28. Maureen Files, 6. Does anyone know where in New York the ship docked? 549 passengers were lost including Joseph. It was soon determined that the other vessel was the French liner La Bourgogne. **PLEASE NOTE: THE VIDEO IS FICTIONAL**In 1899, Augusta Victoria was involved in a collision with the La Bourgogne sending her to her death. maura mc laughlin, 9. google_ad_client = "pub-4868576166220424"; Hello Caitlin the 08. In 1897-8 she was fitted with quadruple expansion engines and her masts reduced to two. Bourgogne–Franche-Comte, region of France created in 2016 by the union of the former regions of Bourgogne and Franche-Comte. They have the original papers and will make copies of them and they will snail mail them to you. In addition, it was felt that in the forty minutes interval between the collision and the sinking of the French liner, more lives should have been saved. //
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