Abby is also introduced in the film. I especially liked the arc of Pip's back story. On September 29, 2007, a CG animated television series based on the film and titled Back at the Barnyard premiered on Nickelodeon. Use the MOUSE. She and Bessy found refuge in the meadow, but when the storm was over, everybody was killed. Cast. The first show was a movie called Barnyard, and there you could first see these amazing characters which are actually a bunch of animals from the farm, then, one year after it, in 2007 until 2011, you could join these animal characters in their amazing adventures within a cool show also called the Barnyard. None Type of Hero Otis- East African Bush Elephant (Loxodonta africana knochenhauri) Ben- Sri Lankan Elephant (Elephas maximus maximus) Daisy- East African Bush Elephant (Loxodonta africana knochenhauri)Pip - Southern Meerkat (Suricata suricatta hahni) Lil' Ben is a character in Barnyard. But really, what hapened to Daisy? back at the barnyard doesnt have the same charicters as barnyard. Barnyard 2 goes before Back at the Barnyard. This is Daisy's only appearance. Back at the Barnyard ., It is never revealed what happened to Daisy and. Well, rumor has it that the voice of Daisy wanted nothing to do with the show. Enemies It explains how Daisy is alive and how it was just a nightmare. Otis agrees, and everyone cheers as he walks outside. At the start of the film, she was rather shy due to being new to the Barnyard, but Otis made her and Bessy feel welcome. She is then replaced with a more tomboyish girl cow named Abby on Back at the Barnyard (2007) since Daisy failed to make anymore appearances. At the start of the film, she was rather shy due to being new to the Barnyard, but Otis made her and Bessy feel welcome. Back at the Barnyard . He was the adoptive father of Otis and the leader of the animals at the farm when the farmer wasn't around but would wish for Otis to mature and eventually succeed him. Barnyard Alias She is innocent and pure for the entirety of the movie. Daisy That same day, Otis meets a pregnant cow named Daisy (Courteney Cox), who is accompanied by her friend, Bessy (Wanda Sykes). She was voiced by Leigh-Allyn Baker When she was young, Abby grew up with 18 brothers, a upsetting uncle, and her cousin Veronica. She is Otis' ex-wife, Lil' Ben's mother, Ben's daughter-in-law, and Bessy's best friend. She knew what she had done was wrong. The characters, stories, and plot are all amazing. Daisy is very sweet, loyal, caring, selfless, honest, and trustworthy. Genre (s) Action game. EU: October 24, 2008. Here's 19th episode for season 2 fromWinnie the Pooh Goes Back at the Barnyard. Ben is a posthumous character from the movie Barnyard. Every Barnyard fan knows the characters. Physical appearance. To be with Otis (Succeed in the first movie) Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. Back at the Barnyard Slop Bucket Games . The love interest. 1 Synopsis 2 Voice cast 3 Recap 4 Trivia 5 Gallery Otis' old best friend, Eddie comes to visit. Showing all 5 items. ... Barnyard Games; HOW TO PLAY. She was the one who encouraged Otis to stay at the Barnyard and protect his best friends, and she even named her child after Ben. It generally continues revolving around Otis (a male cow) and his barnyard friends. Every Barnyard fan knows the characters. (See SP:CAST) Lincoln Loud as Otis Lynn Loud Sr. (Dad) as Ben Ronnie Anne as Abby Cristina as Daisy Lynn Loud as Bessy Clyde McBride as Pip Hawk as Snotty Boy Chandler as Dag Lola Loud as Maddy Rita Loud (Mom) as Etta Lori Loud as Veronica Rusty Spokes as Duke Otis (ex-husband)Lil' Ben (son)Ben (father-in-law, deceased) Use the MOUSE. While the other voice actors reprised their roles from the film, Chris Hardwick replaces Kevin James as the voice of Otis and Daisy is … Showing all 5 items. Cast. It has cured my stage IV crippling depression and has also brought hope and meaning to my life. One day however, a bad flood rolled into the farm and the whole herd was wiped out, except for Daisy and Bessy. Bessy had a son once, but he floated away at a county fair on a bunch of balloons and she never saw him again.

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